May 1      LA Development
Apr 30    Under Construction

Silent Run

Raj Mattan is a marine sent to a mobile mobile facility (the Harvester) to investigate the cause of its failure to send its last satellite transmission. When he arrived, the Harvester was empty because the facility workers are put into hibernation until they are needed. When Raj Mattan got to the Satellite Room, the lights went out and he was attacked by a small creature. Furthering his search to the hibernation room, he found that the facility workers were awake and mutated. Soon after, the MotherMind showed itself. It produced the swarmlings from its body to attack Raj, then fled into the mines. Raj followed the MotherMind and found an underground city where he discovered that the creatures were made in a biology lab intended for use as weapons, but they escaped from into the city, then when the Harvester dug up the city on its search for ore, the creatures found their way onto the Harvester causing the commotion. Raj found the MotherMind in the underground city and saved the mining colony.

Lost Cause Productions:
Shawn Reese - Gameplay, Collision, Artificial Intelligence, Game Objects
Alex Owens - Animation, Particle Effects, Menu System, Interface, Input
Marcus Leon Guerrero - Game Camera, Lighting, Tile System, Sound